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Life Purpose Tarot Reading

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

As it felt like I was starting to come out of my cocoon that I had been in for over 8 months, I thought it was a good time to do a Life Purpose Tarot reading for myself. I created a new Life Purpose spread using questions that I had collected from other Tarot spreads that felt like they captured the information that I was seeking. Below are the results of that reading.

Written Tarot Reading for Richard – Life Purpose Spread


1. What makes you feel most alive – 5 of Cups

2. Description of Life Purpose – 2 of Swords

3. Most important aspect of Life Purpose – 6 of Cups

4. How others see you Life Purpose – Queen of Wands

5. Overall approach to fulfill Life Purpose – 8 of Cups

6. Next steps/daily actions – Strength

7. Daily actions – King of Cups

8. Daily actions – 5 of Wands

9. Source of support for your Life Purpose – King of Swords

10. Barriers/obstacles – need to let go of? – 4 of Pentacles

11. Something to avoid – 6 of Pentacles

12. End of Life view – how did it work out? – Wheel of Fortune

Card meanings

1. 5 of Cups – Loss, regret, sadness, breakup of a relationship, change, despair, disillusionment

2. 2 of Swords – dilemma, difficulty making a decision, choice, standing at a crossroads, uncertainty, opposition, procrastination

3. 6 of Cups – childhood, meeting an old friend, nostalgia, perseverance, offering a gift, memories

4. Queen of Wands – understanding, patience, warmth, charm, generosity, dynamic

5. 8 of Cups – letting go of an old relationship, moving forward, reaching for a higher purpose, advancement, disappointment

6. Strength – inner strength, will power, compassion, courage, faith

7. King of Cups – knowledge, leadership, gentle, kind, well balanced, steady, considerate

8. 5 of Wands – struggle, sparring, change, battle, inner conflict, challenges

9. Kind of Swords – knowledgeable, sharp, decisive, strong willed, discriminating

10. 4 of Pentacles – holding on to money, security, hoarding, stability, building wealth, excessive worry

11. 6 of Pentacles – generosity, lesson learned, perseverance, fairness, benefit

12. Wheel of Fortune – rewards coming, allow things to move in their own time, possible reversal, opportunities, situation evolving

Reading –

It looks like what makes you feel most alive and energized is helping others work through grief and sadness, helping them refocus from looking at their losses to looking at what they feel gratitude and appreciation for - the process of pivoting. And not just in your client's lives, but in your own as well. You need to be aware that there is more life and love to come and be willing to focus on the life you have yet to live. It looks like it has been difficult for you to decide on what your Life Purpose is and how to describe it. You may have been procrastinating on making a choice and may have felt some opposition to making that decision. The most important aspect of your Life Purpose seems to be your ability to remember the innocence you experienced as a child, staying open, fresh, and allowing yourself to accept the gifts offered you. Others see your Life Purpose in the way in which you are able to be understanding, patient, warm, charming, generous and dynamic – perhaps in your role as a counselor. The overall approach you may want to take in achieving your Life Purpose is by letting go of the past, releasing old relationships, moving on towards a higher purpose, advancing, letting old disappointments melt away. Your next steps include relying upon your inner strength, your will power, your courage, your faith and compassion as you move forward. Embrace your inner King, with the knowledge, power and leadership qualities you possess. Maintain your gentleness, staying well balanced, steady and considerate while you do so. Expect some struggles, some challenges, some inner conflict as you move forward in attaining awareness of your Life Purpose. You will find support for your Life Purpose from a knowledgeable leader who is sharp, decisive, discriminating and strong willed. You may need to let go of excessive worry about the future, about earning enough money, about holding on to security. You may want to avoid being overly generous, giving away too much of your talent, giving away too much for free. By the end of your life – looking back - it looks like you were able to take advantage of the opportunities that came your way, allowing yourself to go with the flow of the Universe, recognizing that you could trust in your Higher Self to show you the way towards fulfilling your Life Purpose.

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