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Meeting an Angel

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

When I was in my early 20's I was resting in the tower part of the apartment that I shared with one of my brothers. I was in an meditative state, it was warm and comfortable where I was laying and I felt very comfortable. Without expecting it, my body started to vibrate. It felt like my body was a large fan that had just been turned from a low speed to a very high speed. Then I felt as though I was rising out of my body - and as I did so, I saw a bright white light approaching me. As it flew closer, I could see that it was an angel. It didn't "fly" like superman or a bird - he was standing the whole time and just "whooshed" up to me very fast. I didn't find this picture of an angel until years later - it's from the Merlin Tarot deck. The angel that came to me looked a lot like this picture.

He took a candle and lit it and then placed it into my chest - I learned years later that this was a type of initiation - welcoming me into a broader and more expansive dimension than I was used to living in and being aware of. I wasn't afraid, the entire experience was exciting and energizing. I didn't get the sense that the angel was overjoyed to be there - it felt more like he was on assignment - that this was his job and he would do it willingly.

After I settled back into my body, I was high for about a week - basically "walking on clouds" - very happy, "lit up" and I felt very loving.

I tried to have this experience or something like it many times during the next few years, but was been unable to do so. When I asked a psychic years later about what this experience meant and if I would experience it again, she said that this was a one-time initiation, so it wouldn't be necessary to do it again.

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