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Messages from those who have passed over

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I have had a number of relatives make their transition, including brothers, sister-in-laws, parents, grandparents and my wife. I have had several signs from them that they are still around - in a different dimension, in a different form (energy body), but still interested and involved with those of us on this side of the veil.

The first sign our entire family received when one of my brothers passed away from AIDS in the 1990's. We were placing some of his ashes in the river near our home (where he wanted his ashes to be placed). One of my brothers was reading a passage from a favorite book as a tribute to the brother that died. Just as he read the statement - "and they heard a loud call" - a duck a few meters away on the river quacked louder than I have ever heard a duck quack before. All of us heard it, and all of us nodded in recognition that this was a sign that our brother was still around.

After one of my sister-in-laws passed away, within a week of her passing, my wife and I were sitting in the bedroom when we heard our shower turn itself on. No one else was in the house. This was the shower that my sister-in-law had built for my wife, as she had a hard time stepping into a bathtub. We went in to the bathroom and the shower wasn't just dripping, it was running full blast. After about 2 minutes, it turned itself off. "That must be Glee" we said to each other. "She's still around."

A year or so later, a few days after another sister-in-law passed away, my wife and I were at one of our favorite restaurants eating salad and pizza. A young girl, with long dark brown hair and wearing cowboy boots jumped down a couple of stairs and started dancing a few feet away from where we were sitting. The sister-in-law had long brown hair and almost always wore cowboy boots and loved to dance. The young girl could have been the spitting image of Ruth (my sister-in-law) when she was a young girl. We took that to be a sign that she was still around and letting us know she was doing fine and having fun in her new surroundings.

This painting is by Janny Wurts - "Wizard of the Owls" - Dragon Tales

When my wife passed away a few years ago, I was looking at a picture on a card that was sitting on the kitchen table. It was a picture of a Shaman or wizard on a horse, early in the morning, with several owls nearby. I was sitting there thinking, I would like to be as powerful as this Shaman, be able to attract birds to me like he can. The next morning, a few days after my wife passed away, an owl was sitting on a tree in the back yard, hooting loudly. No one ever sees owls in our neighborhood, I took this as a sign from my wife that she heard my wish and let me know that she is still thinking of me and is still around. I've had lots of dreams of my wife since that time. I have also experienced a very special moment - what Abraham-Hicks calls "a hug from the inside" from my wife while listening to a line from the song "Wondering Where the Lions Are" - "You'll be in me and I'll be in you together in Eternity."

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