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Moments of Grace -1

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Winning More Than a Raffle Prize

I was still in Junior High school and I wanted to win a prize at the carnival our school was holding that night. I had sold more raffle tickets than anyone else on our team and felt I deserved to win a raffle prize. The previous night I had been praying and I felt something different than I had ever felt before, like I had been able to break through to a different kind of connection than I'd ever been able to before. I was no longer in a state of hoping or believing, I had reached a state of knowing. Knowing that I was going to win something at the raffle.

Because of the feeling I had been able to access the night before, I was feeling lucky as I walked the 9 blocks to Sacajawea, the junior high school I went to. Within about 3 blocks of my house I spotted more raffle tickets next to the curb. Someone had lost some of the tickets they were supposed to sell. There weren't any names on them, so I figured they hadn't been purchased by anyone. I wrote my name on all 10 of them and when I got to the school I immediately put them in the raffle drawing hopper.

Everyone else was playing at the different carnival games - rolling a ball down the chutes, throwing darts at balloons, throwing baseballs at the bowling pins. I stood next to the raffle bin and said to the guy pulling out the tickets that I felt that I was going to win.

The second time he reached into the hopper, he pulled a ticket out with my name on it. He was very surprised, not only that he'd selected my name, but part of his surprise was that I wasn't surprised, I was just smiling and feeling confident. My enthusiasm wasn't just about the basketball I'd won. Most of my excitement was from being able to reach a new level of prayer - a new level of knowing that prayers could come true. It felt like a magical moment.

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