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New Year's Tarot Reading 1

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

A reading for the new year

I have been studying the lessons from the Tarot Academy - learning about the 78 cards in a standard Tarot (Rider-Waite) deck, becoming acquainted with several different kinds of spreads - the 3 card spread, the Celtic Cross (a 10 card spread), the Jazz spread (15 cards) and the New Year's spread (12 cards). Here is a practice New Year's spread and how I would interpret it.

New Year Tarot spread

My interpretation of this New Year's spread:

Your past year was one of perseverance, working hard and a sense of overcoming obstacles and ultimately victory. What you learned from those experiences are a sense of completion, success, particularly financial success. Your goal for this coming year is wanting to challenge old assumptions, gain experience through research, strategizing and gaining insight into doing things a little differently. (The 7 of Swords can be interpreted in a much more negative way, but since the surrounding cards are almost all positive, I interpreted it with a positive spin). Your motivation for this next year is to have a happy family and work-life, find joy and love in what you do and experience fulfillment. A barrier or obstacle that you may face in the coming year is one of facing a strong challenge, but you have the upper hand and will prevail. Relationship wise I see you taking a new path this next year, though it may be a business relationship, perhaps a mentor relationship with a younger colleague. Your career area shows you gaining knowledge, compassion, strength and leadership. Your health and general well-being is quite positive - something to celebrate and enjoy. It looks like you may be spending time with friends while you exercise or workout. Regarding your spiritual and personal development, I see you spending some time alone, in solitude, perhaps meditating, reading about self-development, and learning new things about yourself. One area that it looks like you will be focusing on in this next year is either spending time with old friends, or possibly spending time with your grandchildren or sort of reminiscing about your childhood and the fun times you had with friends. Possibly an exchange of gifts. One thing that stands out for this next year is a sense of building your inner strength, possibly developing your power of self-awareness and compassion for yourself and others. The overall direction for this coming year is one of partnership, joining with someone else - possibly in your personal life, may also perhaps a partnership at work, either as a mentor or as a business partner. It may be connected to this card that shows you meeting an old friend. Overall, a very positive reading - lots of joy, growth, health, financial opportunities, quality family time and positive self-development.

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