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Recognizing Signs

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

My first post is about recognizing spiritual signs that the Universe is sending our way. What has worked for me in attracting and paying attention to the signs and symbols the Universe is so generously giving me. Step #1 - "tune" your inner awareness - your "inner radio station" to one of curiosity, appreciation and anticipation. Step #2 - ask the Universe (God, Higher Self, All That Is, etc.) a question that you want answered and have passion for. A good one to start with is something like - "What do I need to learn today/this week to keep me on my spiritual path?" Step #3 - Be open and aware of anything that stands out for you, that makes you say "aha", that grabs your attention, that seems a little out place or unusual during the day/week. Pay attention to all five of your senses as well as your intuition. Step #4 - Possibilities include: billboards, a song you just turned on the radio, posters, what your children (especially young children) say to you, an overheard remark - not necessarily even directed at you by adults, a line in a book that "pops out at you", animals (especially birds) that do something unusual, a notice stapled to a telephone pole, your dreams, an intuitive "flash", basically anything that "pops" out at you. Step #5 - Sometimes the "message" needs to be interpreted, other times it will be specific, precise and clear. This is oftentimes related to how precise and clear your question is. Step #6 - You should get some kind of "message" - sign or symbol within 2-3 days, depending how open you are to receiving them. Step #7 - Write down the "messages" you get - to let your subconscious know you are mindful about this. Step #8 - The more you practice this, the easier it will become to recognize a sign - an answer to your question. Step #9 - Have fun with all of this! Step #10 - Consider this whole exercise "an experiment." My sign for today came from a calendar I have clipped to my refrigerator. A few days ago, one of my clients asked me about "signs" - how to attract them, how to know when you are receiving one. I gave her these ideas that I just listed above, including the idea that she should consider this exercise "an experiment." I almost never look at the calendar on my refrigerator, as I didn't have any events or activities listed on it yet. On my way to the bathroom, I got an intuitive flash that I should start adding some activities to that calendar, not just use the one I have on my Ipad and Iphone. When I went to the calendar on the fridge a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson "popped out" at me.

I took the message from that, that I should share these ideas about Signs and Symbols with others, in a way that they could comment and share their own experiences with what works to help them stay on their spiritual paths. So Voila! this blog was born.  

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