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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Becoming Certified as a Professional Tarot reader

I recently took an internet Tarot reading class from a world recognized expert from the United Kingdom - Richard Knight, who has been a professional Tarot reader for more than 40 years. That class was 7 weeks long and I learned a lot about doing Tarot readings, particularly the 3 card and 10 card (Celtic Cross) spreads. At the next to last class he mentioned that his students could become members of the Tarot Academy and dive even deeper into doing Tarot readings and learn how to become more accurate and more profound readings. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that level of training, so I did a reading for myself to find out what the Tarot deck said about my question - should I join Richard Knight's Tarot Academy? Here is the Tarot spread and reading.

Robin Wood Tarot deck - Celtic Cross spread

Celtic Cross Template


  • 1. The Question: 10 of Swords

  • 2. The Querent/client: 2 of Wands

  • 3. The Goal: The Emperor

  • 4. Obstacles/barriers: Ace of Cups

  • 5. Strengths: Page of Swords

  • 6. External influences/Resources: 3 of Pentacles

  • 7. Timing: 4 of Wands

  • 8. Next steps: 6 of Wands

  • 9. How to approach this situation: Queen of Pentacles

  • 10. Long term effects: Strength

Tarot Celtic Cross Template with Timings

If you are a Tarot reader, you may notice that the meanings for each placement of this spread are unique to Richard Knight - many professional readers create their own meanings for each of the ten positions in the Celtic Cross.

Something is ending, it is time of completion and time to begin moving in a new direction. You are a person who is contemplating taking a journey or embarking on something new and you are wanting to wait until the right time to act. Your goal is to be a builder, create something new, learn leadership skills and practice a "let's get this done" attitude. Some obstacles include not feeling like there are enough blessings, you are a little wary of starting something new right now, and you're not sure if you are feeling inspired enough. One of your strengths is wanting to act from a place of clarity, taking action when the time is right, and you are ok with starting a new intellectual endeavor or starting on a new path. You will get help from an outside source who is close at hand - support and encouragement from someone who is good at what they do, someone who is creative. The timing of this endeavor looks like it could be complete by next summer, a time when you feel stable, a time of harvesting, joining together, receiving rewards. Your next steps are ones of perseverance, victory, courage, moving forward and inspiring others. You will want to approach this situation with patience, practicality, a sense of abundance and personal growth. The long terms effects from this decision are a sense of inner strength, increased willpower, courage, and learning how to use power with awareness. To me that reading meant a strong yes, especially with the placement and connection between The Emperor (goal) and Strength (final outcome or long- term effects).

Results so far: At the time I did this reading there was one more internet class, and if I wanted to take advantage of the generous discount for joining the Academy, I had 6 days to make a decision. I wrote down the cards I drew for this reading and listed them on the Facebook page where the class took place, in the hopes that I would get a response from someone who was already a Tarot reader and knew about the Academy. Within two days, I did get a very positive response from an experienced Tarot reader who was also in the class. I meditated and journaled about this decision, and even though I had some doubts about what I could learn and whether I should spend the money, I decided to join the Academy. I figured that even if I never do any readings for money, I would not only learn a lot more about giving Tarot readings, I would learn more about blending my intuition with my intellectual abilities - my spiritual side with my mental side. It seems like a good way for me to enhance my "heart-mind coherence." And that would be worth the price of joining the Academy. I will post more results from what I learn as I progress through the Academy. I received the Certification in November, 2021.

Richard Knight Tarot Academy Training Certification

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