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Transforming a Caterpillar into a Butterfly

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I have been trading Tarot readings with other members of the Tarot Academy for a couple of months now. A recent reading was about my website and what I need to do to complete it and make it ready for publication. After the reading my reader wanted a link to the website, so she could see how it was coming along. I sent her the link and her response was, OMG this looks great, what's stopping you from publishing it already? I thought about that question for some time and here is my answer.

For most of my life, I have been a caterpillar and I realized that caterpillars don't dream about and have goals to become butterflies. Their goals are to find tasty leaves to eat. Their goals are to get more of what they already know about. They know nothing about becoming butterflies. Becoming a butterfly is a much bigger process - a totally unknown process that requires an enormous amount of trust that the Universe knows what's it's doing and a complete willingness to surrender to the process. If a caterpillar was to draw a Tarot card just before he entered the chrysalis, I'm convinced the card he would draw would be the Death card. Not that he is dying, but everything he has known is dying and he is transforming into something totally foreign and unknown.

I have been in the chrysalis stage for the past few months - developing a website that's all about Transformative Counseling enhanced by Tarot. While my website is progressing (with the help of quite a bit of constructive feedback) nicely, I have not yet emerged from my cocoon. I can feel myself going through some kind of process, a blending of what I've known with something that's much larger and unknown. I am learning to trust that the Universe knows what it's doing. I am not in control. Creating and reaching for goals are a caterpillar's job. Transformation is about something entirely different. And when the transformation is complete, when this butterfly is ready to fly, my website will be published.

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